Why Is My Product Listing Set To “Pending”?


In order for your item to go live on the site, we must make sure that sellers have set up their payment methods, shipping methods & seller policies first.  

Please follow these steps to make sure your shop is all set up properly and ready to start selling:

  1. Customized their shop’s profile page
  1. Set up their 4 shop policies:
  • Shipping Policy 
  • Return & Refund Policy
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Privacy Policy
  1. Set up shipping methods
  2. Set up payment method


Reasons why your products are “pending”:

1. Your shop is not fully set up

Once you have set up your shop by following the 4 steps above, please contact us to let us know your shop has been fully set up.

2. Editing products in bulk

Editing products in bulk will make the products change to “pending” and will no longer be published. Therefore, please either edit products manually or contact us to set your products back to “published”.


Pleazo has the right to delete products which have been pending or in draft for 2 months or more. As mentioned in our Terms & Conditions. When listing your products on Pleazo, they will be set as pending and must be approved by Pleazo admins before they get uploaded on pleazo.com. This is to make sure that seller policies, shipping and products are completed & meeting our guidelines.

If a product has been pending or in draft for more than 2 months, Pleazo will notify the seller via email.