Requirements & Best Practices For Product Images


  1. Requirements & best practices for product images in your Pleazo shop
  2. How to resize images
  3. What should I name my product listing photos?

1. Requirements & best practices for product images in your Pleazo shop

Before uploading any photos, it is important that sellers understand what can and cannot be shown in the product images. Your product images must meet our guidelines and not contain Prohibited Adult Content.

Product images file type & size

  • File type: .jpg or .png
  • Maximum file size: 1MB (images larger than 1MB will not be accepted)
  • Size: Max. 1500 pixels on the longest side at 72 dpi.

    * You will need to upload a square format cropped image when creating the product. This is only for the first product photo, to display correctly in the product thumbnail.

Best practices:

  • The image must be of the product – no drawings or illustrations are allowed
  • Make sure you product is in the center of the image
  • Only show the product
  • Use natural light or a lightbox if you need to
  • Use a pure white background
  • Ensure the image quality is good and not pixelated or blurry
  • Make sure the images are the correct resolution & size
  • Leave some white space around the item so the buyer can focus on your product
  • Images can be created with a camera or smartphone
  • DO NOT use images which contain watermarks or text.
  • Test your first image on Pleazo and view it in zoom option – to ensure you have done it correctly. 

2. How to resize your images

You can find websites that help you resize images online. Use a website, Photoshop, or a similar software to resize your images.

If you decrease the size of an image, it won’t lower the resolution. However, if you increase the size of an image, you may lose resolution and pixelation may occur.

Images may appear less sharp after being uploaded due to compression of the image files. We do this in order to improve the overall performance of the page. Image sizes are optimized for mobile displays.

3. What should I name my product listing photos?

Properly naming your product images is great for SEO! To best name your product image, consider describing your product in the photo. Here is an example:

BAD: image12345.jpg

GOOD: black_vegan_leather_harness.jpg

For more info on how to improve SEO for your photos, please read our guide on how to improve your SEO for your shop.