How To List An Item In Your Pleazo Shop

Before you can start listing items, you must register as a seller and have a membership planPlease review our seller policies to make sure your items are allowed to be sold on Pleazo.

When listing your products on Pleazo, they will be set as pending and must be approved by Pleazo admins before they get uploaded Products will only be approved once the seller has emailed us back with their shipping prices and letting us know they have completed the Pleazo shop set up guidelines which has been emailed to them. This is to make sure that seller policies, shipping, payment setup and products are completed & meet our guidelines based on the criteria below: 

*Items will only be published if the seller has set up the following:

  1. Customized their shop’s profile page

       2.Set up their 4 shop policies:

  • Shipping Policy 
  • Return & Refund Policy
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Privacy Policy

       3. Set up shipping methods

       4. Set up payment method


*Please note that seller’s can only list 1 item per product page. Seller’s trying to post multiple items as a product which is not a variation (ie, size, colour or sold as a group) is not allowed and will be disapproved. If you would like to list more items but cannot upload anymore products, you can upgrade your Pleazo Membership Plan.


How to list an item in your Pleazo shop:

    1. Add photos
    2. Add listing details
    3. Inventory (optional)
    4. Shipping & tax (VAT)
    5. Linked products (upsells & cross sells)
    6. Attribute: Listing Product Variations  
    7. Discount options (optional)
    8. Other options: product status, visibility, purchase note, enable product reviews
    9. How to edit or delete a product listing

1. Add photos

Before adding your product images, please check out our guide Requirements & Best Practices For Product Images. Please note, your product images must meet our guidelines and not contain Prohibited Adult Content.

To add photos to your listing, click Upload Product Image to add files from your computer to set the main image of your item. Enter the photo title (this should be a short description of your photo for SEO purposes) Click Set Featured Image to upload your photos.

*Tip: Check out our guide on how to improve SEO for your products on how to improve SEO for your photos. 

To add more photos to your listing, click on “+” under the main product image to add a gallery image. Please note you can only add 4 images per item.

To change the order of your images, click on a photo and drag it to the left or right.

2. Add product listing details

Product Title: This is how the title of your product will be shown in Pleazo & on search engines. Please keep titles 40 characters or under to avoid the title from cutting off. *Tip: Clearly describe your item at the beginning of the item title. Use keywords you think a shopper may search. Example: Vegan leather chest body harness w/ belt. 

*Tip: Check out our guide on how to improve SEO for your shop.

Please only use unique product titles and not have more than 1 product with the same product name. Please also use our search feature to check that no other product has the same product title. Naming multiple products with the same name will only make 1 product show.

*As Pleazo is targeting users worldwide, your products and policies in must be in English*

Price: Price of your item. *If you need to charge VAT, please also read below (#5. Shipping & Tax under “Apply VAT”). Your prices must include VAT in them if you must charge it.

*Pricing your products: Items listed on Pleazo cannot exceed prices of the same item elsewhere.

  • It’s not allowed to mark up your prices on Pleazo so that the products are offered cheaper elsewhere. 
  • The pricing of your product should be based on the base price plus the % fee and any additional fees charged.
  • This assures a fair price for all your customers on all online platforms where your product can be purchased.
  • Failure to do so can result in your product or account being deleted on Pleazo.

How to charge VAT on your products

Please note, Pleazo is not responsible for charging or collecting VAT on behalf of a seller. Sellers must contact their local tax authorities to find out if they must register for a VAT number and charge VAT. Sellers must also inform themselves about Cross-border VAT when selling to other EU countries.

Steps to charge VAT on your products:

  1. Know if you must charge VAT on your products based on where you are shipping to.
  2. Enter your valid VAT ID Number in your store settings.
  3. List your products with the price including VAT amount under “Price”. Pleazo automatically calculates the VAT amount based on where the product is being shipped to (in the cart):

How to find the VAT amount to include in your prices:

  • Using the VAT rules and rates, find the VAT rate% in your country & include this amount in your products.

Example: If your shop is in Germany, you must charge the VAT % of Germany on your products. Therefore, if you want to sell an item for 10€ and need to charge a 19% VAT fee (10 x.19= 1,90€), then set your price to 11,90€. 

  • At checkout, the VAT amount charged will show based on which country the item is being shipped to. 

Example, if your shop’s product (including the German 19% VAT fee) will be shipped to France, the final price will include the France 20 VAT% amount automatically.

4. Under “Shipping and Tax”, choose the VAT rate you would like to apply to your product.

5. IMPORTANT: To make sure you applied the correct VAT and shipping method for your product, please make a test by putting your product in the cart and check the VAT & shipping details to make sure it is correct.

Discounted Price Schedule: Discount price of your item. Only use this feature if you are offering a discounted price from your original price of the item on Shops are not allowed to take advantage of this feature by tricking users to think the item has a discount when it does not.

Short Description of the product: Write a short description of the product. You will be able to write a more detailed description in a field below in Description.

Select Product Category: Choose which category your item belongs to. This decides which category your item appears in on the category pages. Think about where buyers would most likely look for your specific item & choose 1 category. If you cannot find the right category for your item, please let us know. *Please note, if we think your item belongs to the wrong category, we will assign it to the correct one.*

Tags: Tags are used to help your product be found in Pleazo search. Users can filter search results by many of the details you add. For example, if your item is underwear, you can use the following tags: underwear, briefs.

Description of the product: Give users as much info as possible to help them decide to buy your product or not. Write a detailed description of the product. 

*Describe your product, some examples include: 

  • What is your product? *required
  • What materials did you use? *required
  • What colour is your product? *required
  • What size is your product/what are the measurements? *required
  • What techniques did you use to construct your product?
  • How does your product work?
  • Who is your product for? 
  • What does your product feel like?
  • What does your product smell like?
  • Any special instructions (ie: do not wash OR how to wash, eat)

*Add keywords or keyword variations of your product name (ie: underwear, briefs, ect).

Fill in the remainder of your product description with any other details about your item, such as shipping information, short policies, and any other information your customer may need to know.

The more a user can learn from your product description, the better chance you have of making a sale.

*Please note that links here to other websites are not allowed*

Click on “Create Product” to go to the next page…

Product Type: If you only have 1 product with no variations, please select “single”. If you have a product that comes in different colours, sizes, please select “variable”.

3. Inventory (optional)

If you do not need to add stock quantity and your item is just a simple product, then you can skip this section. But if you are selling an item which has multiple sizes or colours, then you should read this section carefully:

What is SKU? 

SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit. It should be a unique set of characters which will not match any other product. It is optional if you are listing a simple product but you will need to add a SKU if you’re creating a product with variations (if you do not add a SKU, one would be automatically generated), because the SKUs help differentiate the variable products from one another. An example would be a shirt that comes in five different colors — the “master” product (a shirt without a color selected) won’t need a SKU, but you’ll need to define individual item numbers for each of those five colors. 

Enable Product Stock Management (optional)

Let’s say you have 10 pieces of the product and you don’t want to receive after orders are placed for 10 units. If you enable stock management and enter 10 in the quantity field, then after 10 units are ordered, this product will show a message that all the quantities are sold and there is no stock.

But, you might want to take some pre-orders before your next batch comes up. So you can Allow Backorder to let the customers place orders even if the product is out of stock.

4. Shipping & Tax 

Pleazo let’s sellers choose their own shipping preferences & shipping costs. You can choose where to ship to, set up your own shipping costs, offer free shipping and offer local pick up (*currently available in Berlin only).


  • Select “This product requires shipping”
  • Enter product measurements
  • Select “no shipping class”.

To set up your shipping methods, please follow the steps listed in our Shipping Settings Guide.

Apply VAT:

  • If you don’t charge VAT on your products, choose “none”. If you will charge VAT on your products, choose “taxable”.

If you are charging VAT on your items, your prices must include it! By selecting “taxable”, VAT will automatically be applied at checkout based on the buyer’s location. For more information please visit our VAT guide.

VAT Class:

Choose the tax class that applies to your product:

For sellers located in the EU:

  • EU + UK VAT only: Choose if you will ship your product within the EU *and* to the UK and need to charge EU & UK VAT on the product only.
  • EU VAT only: Choose if you will ship your product within the EU and need to charge EU VAT rates on the product only.
  • German VAT only: Choose if you will ship your product within the EU and need to charge the German VAT rate on the product only.
  • UK VAT only (products only): Choose if you will ship your product to the UK and need to charge the UK VAT rate on the product only.
  • None: Choose if you do not wish to charge VAT on your products/shipping.

If there is a tax rate option you need but do not see it listed, please contact us.

*IMPORTANT INFO ABOUT SELLING TO THE UK: New UK selling rules came into effect on 1 January 2021 due to Brexit. Depending on the cost of the goods (in £) there may be a new requirement for EU businesses to register for UK VAT and charge UK VAT on their products or have the customer pay for VAT at customs. The seller would have to make customs declarations and complete the right customs processes when moving goods between the UK and the EU. Otherwise, their goods won’t be able to cross the EU border.

For more information about selling items to the UK from the EU, please read the Gov.UK guide & how to register for a UK VAT number or contact your tax advisor.

Disclaimer: Sellers are responsible for following their tax rules within their country and countries they sell to. Pleazo will not be held responsible for any fees or sellers trying to sell items to other countries without the needed VAT requirements. Pleazo can not give any advice regarding VAT, therefore it is strongly recommended to speak to your local tax office for more information.

5. Linked products: Cross-sells (optional)

Upselling feature coming soon! 

Cross-Selling consists of selling another product in addition to the original product. This technique allows the seller to offer other products that complement the purchase that is relevant, useful & necessary. These products will show in the buyer’s cart during checkout.

6. Attribute: Listing product variations (optional)

If you have a variable product which comes in different sizes or colors, you may add attributes like color or size so users can choose variations directly on the product page.

Variable products are a product type that lets you offer a set of variations on a product with control over prices, stock, image, and more for each variation. They can be used for a product like a T-Shirt which you can offer in different colors and sizes. Check out our guide on How to create variations for a product.

7. Discount options (optional)

If you would like to offer a discount to buyers who buy more than 1 item, you can offer them a % discount of your choice. 

8. Other options (optional)

Product status: is set to online by default, but  you can set it to draft. 

Visibility: Choose if you want your product to be visible or hidden.

Purchase note (optional): This will show up in the order confirmation and is optional. An example could be: Thank you for your order!

9. How to edit or delete a product listing

If you would like to edit or delete a product listing, please visit our guide on How to edit or delete a product listing.

Disclaimer: Sellers are responsible for following their tax rules within their country and countries they sell to. Pleazo will not be held responsible for any fees or sellers trying to sell items to other countries without the needed VAT requirements. Pleazo can not give any advice regarding VAT, therefore it is strongly recommended that sellers speak to their local tax office for more information. Pleazo will not be held responsible for any issues related to payments, shipping, returns, refunds or cancellations between a seller & buyer.

Pleazo uses updated yearly tax rates. It is the seller’s responsibility to make sure that the correct amount of VAT is charged for their product/shipping by testing it at checkout. Pleazo will not be held responsible for any wrong amounts being charged for a product, VAT or shipping.