Seller Biography

We are a small art studio based in France.
Our love for woodworking and erotic design are the main reasons why we started this adventure and we couldn’t do so without focussing on our environmental impact.

We create erotic pieces designed to be displayed and enjoyed. You can use them for your own pleasure or display them as erotic sculptures.
We never create twice the same design so you will get a one of a kind dildo!
These unique eco-friendly dildos are made in France with locally and sustainably sourced wood (PEFC / FSC) as well as hypoallergenic food grade coating meeting European standard for toy safety.
We use noble wood for a better finish.

Enjoy a smooth and warm feeling with a soft touch guaranteed without splinters due to the many layers of healthy finish!
Waterproof and compatible with the use of water based lubricant, our designs aim to please all genders by offering you a unique sensation.
They all come with a handmade travel bag and are wrapped in eco-friendly packaging.

Take care of yourself while preserving the environment!
If you want a personalized item we would gladly create a custom for you.
Just tell us about it!
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any question
We offer discreet shipping by the way (even if we encourage you to be proud and display it!)