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Shop policy

Her-O is an online store that sells unique, handmade ceramic phalluses and other ceramic artisan products. All designs, names and images are the property of the founders.

Terms and conditions

Customers of the Her-O online store can be natural or legal persons. A natural person is one who acquires or uses products exclusively for his own use, outside his profession or acquisition activity. By registering or purchasing in the Her-O online store, the customer confirms that he accepts the terms of business set by Her-O and guarantees the authenticity of all his submitted data. (Also applies to purchases arranged via e-mail or telephone).


Natural persons regulate their mutual obligations with these terms of business and the Consumer Protection Act. Legal entities and natural persons performing an acquisition activity regulate their mutual obligations by a special contract in writing. The Consumer Protection Act applies to legal entities and natural persons who would use the purchased products in their acquisition activity only in cases where this is specifically stated in the Act itself. For cooperation with legal entities and natural persons performing gainful activity, please contact us at info@her-o.si.


Purchase through an online store

Buying on our website is very easy. Simply load the desired products into the cart and proceed to the checkout, where you fill in your information and choose the method of payment and delivery. After the order is placed, we will inform you about it by e-mail, which contains information for payment and proforma invoice. You will receive an invoice that is valid as proof of purchase only after the payment has been confirmed to your email address.


All prices published in the Her-O online store are final. VAT is not calculated in accordance with paragraph 1 of Article 94 of ZDDV-1.


Prices published in the Her-O online store are subject to change without notice. Individual purchases are subject to price at the time of placing the order.


Postage for orders is charged later, except in the case of a free postage campaign. In cases where you have chosen bank transfer or payment with PayPal or credit / debit card, postage will be added to your cash register. If you have chosen cash on delivery, you pay the postage on delivery together with the purchase price. Her-O is not responsible for any delays on the part of the delivery person.


Discounts on purchases in the Her-O online store do not add up.


All videos and images on our website are symbolic.

Payment options

  • PayPal or credit / debit card payment - PayPal is a service that enables secure online payments. After completing the order, we will redirect you to a secure PayPal connection, where you log in with your email address and password. If you do not have a created PayPal account, PayPal allows you to pay securely with your credit or debit card (Click Pay with my credit or debit card and follow the instructions).

The transfer may incur additional costs, depending on the service providers covered by the customer.


Published content, designs and names are the property of Her-O. Author's works include all parts of the program code, all program architecture and engineering, graphic elements, images, texts, sound and image material and other author's elements, which due to their nature do not need to be marked with copyright marks. The structure is also protected, as individual conceptual solutions. Any copying, quoting, copying, imitation and distribution without the knowledge of Her-O is prohibited.

By publishing their content, the supplier or user allows Her-O and all others to view this content without restrictions within the public libraries, categories and other functions of the portal and e-communication, communication via interfaces, ranking, commenting, rating, reproduction of these materials for non-commercial or personal use.

Execution, cancellation, modification or rejection of the order

Orders placed on the Her-O website will be shipped as soon as possible. After the purchase, you will receive a confirmation email with all the information about your purchase and a pro forma invoice. We will send you the invoice after receiving the transfer in electronic form to the given email address. After placing an order or payment, the customer can cancel or change their purchase if the products have not yet been shipped. Therefore, in this case, please let us know as soon as possible at our e-mail address info@her-o.si. After the canceled purchase, we will refund your money to your current account or in the form of a credit. If we find that our terms of business were not observed in the creation of the order or that the methods used in the enforcement of commercial conditions were used, which can be described as unauthorized use of electronic data exchange, Her-O reserves the right to cancel the order.

Delivery times written on individual products are written in working days. So 14 days means 14 working days. If the product cannot be delivered within the specified period, we will inform the customer as soon as possible. In this case, the buyer can withdraw from the contract and cancel the order. All prepaid money is refunded in full to the customer.

Due to hygienic reasons, the products cannot be returned or exchanged.


The method of refund is by arrangement. In practice, we refund money to the current account, unless you have paid via the Paypal system, we refund the money via the Paypal System. If the buyer wants a refund in a different form, he covers the costs that are created by himself.

Protection of personal data


The Merchant undertakes to protect the confidentiality of personal data and the privacy of users of the online store. The collected personal data will be used by the Merchant exclusively for the provision of the services it offers. The merchant respects the confidentiality of personal data and the privacy of users of the online store, and will do everything necessary to protect them from any violations and abuses. The personal data of users is one of the areas to which the Merchant pays extreme care and attention, as he is aware of the sensitive nature of this area.

Use of personal data

  • For the purposes of providing the services it offers, the Merchant collects, manages, processes and stores the following user data:

  • Name and last name;

  • delivery addresses;

  • company oz. name of the legal entity (if the user is a legal entity);

  • tax number of the legal entity (if the user is a legal entity)

  • email address (username);

  • password in encrypted form;

  • contact telephone number;

  • country of residence;

  • other data that the user enters voluntarily in the forms in the online store;

  • other data that the user voluntarily adds subsequently in his profile.

The trader is not responsible for the correctness, completeness and up-to-dateness of the data entered by users.

Statement on the protection of the confidentiality of personal data and the privacy of users

In accordance with the regulations governing the protection of personal data, the trader is obliged to protect the personal data of users of his online store. Under no circumstances will the trader provide personal or personal information without the express permission of the user. other user data to a third party or will not allow a third party to inspect personal or. other information of the user, unless required to do so by the state authorities, if such an obligation is provided by law, or in good faith that such action is necessary for proceedings before courts or other state authorities and for protecting and pursuing the legitimate interests of the trader.

All personal and other data that the user will provide when logging in to the online store, as well as when ordering the purchase of products, including the content of orders, will be protected in accordance with the regulations governing the protection of personal data. The merchant will not use this information for any purpose that would harm the user or any other person involved. The trader will not use user data to send promotional e-mails or other unsolicited promotional material, except to send those promotional notices to which the user will subscribe or. with which he will agree. The trader may use the data in an anonymised summary form for statistical analysis purposes. The confidentiality of personal and other user data will not be violated in any form.

The Merchant will keep the personal data of users in the personal data file only for as long as is strictly necessary to achieve the purpose for which the personal data is collected and kept.

The Merchant will entrust to the delivery service only the necessary data for the delivery of products purchased in the online store (data on the recipient and delivery address). The trader will contact the user via e-mail if this is necessary to make a purchase in the online store, and via the contact telephone number only if he is in the process of registration or. purchasing in the online store occurred problems.

Child safety

Advertising messages will be clearly visible (taking into account age) and clearly separated from games and competitions. Any communication aimed at children will be appropriate to their age and will not take advantage of children’s trust, lack of experience or sense of loyalty. A provider may not accept orders from someone he knows or suspects to be a child without the express permission of his parents or guardians.

The provider may not accept any personal data concerning children without the express permission of their parents or guardians. The provider may also not disclose data received from children to a third party, with the exception of parents or guardians. The provider must not offer free access to products or services that are harmful to children.


The provider makes every effort to ensure the up-to-dateness and accuracy of the information published on its pages. However, the characteristics of the items, the delivery time or the price may change so quickly that the provider is unable to correct the information on the websites. In such a case, the provider will notify the customer of the changes and allow him to withdraw from the order or replace the ordered item.

her-o.si reserves the right to withdraw from the contract or realization of the order in the event of a material error in the offer. The material error covers the elements on the basis of which ekodomek.si. would not agree to enter into a contract. These errors also include obvious errors in the price of items, which can be the result of technical and other problems.

Implementation of privacy policy

Pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act, the trader has the protection of personal data regulated by the Rules on Personal Data Protection.

All full-time or part-time employees who have access to personal and other user data are familiar with the provisions of the Rules on Personal Data Protection and the duty to protect personal and other data and are obliged to comply with these provisions on personal data confidentiality and user privacy. online stores. The duty to protect personal and other data is valid indefinitely, even after the termination of the relationship with the trader.

Registered users can stop using the online store at any time and can cancel their registration. They do so by notifying the trader in writing of the cancellation of the registration. Before submitting the statement on the cancellation of registration, the user must settle all outstanding obligations arising from purchases made in the online store. The merchant will protect the confidentiality of personal data and the privacy of users of the online store within the framework of this privacy policy even in the event of cancellation of registration.

Subscribe to news

The user can subscribe to the e-news in several ways. Via the link, at the checkout leave checked to sign up for the news. Automatic subscription to the news also applies if the user accepts a discount coupon for their purchase. The user can unsubscribe from the e-news at any time and will no longer receive e-mails.

Liability for errors

You have the right to claim defects on purchased products due to factual errors in compliance with the Consumer Protection Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 51/04, 98/04 - official consolidated text, as amended, supplemented and corrected).

The consumer may exercise his rights arising from a material defect if he notifies the seller of the defect within two months of the day on which the defect was discovered.

The seller is not liable for material defects in the goods that appear after two years have elapsed since the thing was delivered.

The product defect is real:

  • if the thing does not have the properties necessary for its normal use or for marketing;

  • if the thing does not have the properties necessary for the special use for which the buyer is buying it, but which was known to the seller or should have been known to him;

  • if the thing does not have the properties and qualities that were explicitly or tacitly agreed or prescribed;

  • če je prodajalec izročil stvar, ki se ne ujema z vzorcem ali modelom, razen če je bil vzorec ali model pokazan le zaradi obvestila.

The consumer may exercise his rights arising from a material defect if he notifies the seller of the defect within two months of the day on which the defect was discovered.

The seller is not liable for material defects in the goods that appear after two years have elapsed since the thing was delivered.

The buyer can request at his own choice:

  • Troubleshooting

  • Refund of the amount paid in proportion to the error

  • Replacement of goods

  • Refund of the amount paid in proportion to the error

If you believe that the purchased product has a material defect, contact us as soon as possible at info@her-o.si and attach your invoice or order number. We will offer you a replacement of the item or the option to refund the purchase price as soon as possible.

When exercising the rights under this title, the consumer must describe the defect in more detail to the trader in the defect notice and allow the seller to inspect the product.

Environmental responsibility

Take a step into the green by viewing the website http://www.ozavescen.si/ and obtain more detailed information on the recycling of waste appliances, devices, batteries, accumulators and other waste.

Na spletni strani je na voljo seznam zbirnih centrov komunalnih podjetij ter informacije o centrih ponovne uporabe, kjer lahko oddate še delujoče naprave in aparate.

PDF format o okoljski odgovornosti

Out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes (IRPS)

Our company does not recognize any IRPS contractor.

Link European Commission's online consumer dispute resolution platform (JRC platform).

Tax cash registers

All invoices paid in cash are tax certified. As we strive to reduce the amount of printed paper, we will send you a tax-certified invoice as a PDF attachment to your email address. If you want to have a p