Athumani Cockrings And Toys

Seller Biography

I was learning jewellery in the UK but since I moved to Spain I specialised in designer cockrings, engraved lighters and bdsm toys.


What ‘ATHUMANY’ Means?


Well, there are a lot of answers to this question. First, Athumani is the name of my grandfather from Tanzania who I have never seen. I have chosen that name for my brand name because it reminds me of my roots and my African family that I have never seen.


Apart from that , ATHUMANY started as a project in my best friend workshop where I have spent hundreds of hours . These were my first steps in jewellery. There I have learned which tone of red the silver has  a second before it melts down and you see the piece that you have worked on the last three days turn into lava.  A lot of years have passed since then. I became a jeweller and I was doing regular jewellery until one day I went to London. There, on a street market in Camden town I was talking with an old lady who was selling silver jewellery made by her husband. She intimated to me that a lot of people ask her for cockrings but her hubby furriously refuses to have anything in common with these ‘dirty’ things. So here it is, the idea to make cockrings came to me from an old granny! At that moment I had no idea what a cockring is and how it is supposed to be used. I needed to read a lot and see many ‘educational’ videos before I decided to try to make one. Since then I dedicated in making silver cockrings, then butt plugs came, all the bdsm toys and stuff.



Made With Love And Made For Love


I have my studio in the outskirts of sunny Valencia, Spain. Here all models of ATHUMANY are born. Every piece is made by hand and as so it may slightly differ from the one in the picture. The cockrings are made with precision, well polished and comfortable to use. All pieces are coming in a jewellery box.  The privacy of my customers is very important to me so your personal information, purchases and our communication is kept secret. No brand names or any content information is on the parcel.

Thank you for choosing my products and for appreciating my craftwork.