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I’ve always been the odd kid, so it was no surprise when I picked up quite an eccentric hobby when I was 16. Back in 2009 I started to get interested in the Japanese fashion style Lolita Fashion and because of this fashion style not being well known in my country or much in Europe, I started making my own dresses inspired by the intricate designs Japanese Lolita brands published. While my mom knows how to knit and my grandmother had been a seamstress too in her younger years, it didn’t mean I had an instant talent for dressmaking. It took a lot of time, patience, money and trial and error to get where I am now. 


I started with hand sewing until I got my very first machine one or two years after picking up sewing as a hobby. Soon after I got a serger and just recently I upgraded my basic sewing machine for a more advanced machine. I believe that every handmade garment carries a personal story of the person who made it, and I view small scale fashion design and production as an art. So thank you for visiting my shop and I hope you’ll find something you love and want to attach your own story to!

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