Trademark Policy

Certain uses of our intellectual property may create confusion about whether something is endorsed, controlled, or even created by Pleazo. We want to ensure that you get the proper credit you deserve for your hard work, and prevent confusion about whether Pleazo is involved your work. 

This policy is a part of our Terms of Use. By using any of Pleazo’s services, you’re agreeing to this policy and our Terms of Use. For issues regarding intellectual property not owned by Pleazo, please refer to our Intellectual Property Policy.


  1. The Pleazo Marks
  2. Uses of the Pleazo Marks
  3. Pleazo’s logos
  4. Names & branding
  5. Describing your own content and events

1. The Pleazo Marks

The “Pleazo Marks” (or our “Marks”) are the words, logos, graphics, designs, and other indicators that identify Pleazo as the source of a product or service. Part of our job is to protect our trademarks, brand identity, and reputation. The Pleazo Marks are trademarks protected in the EU and around the world.

2. Uses of the Pleazo Marks

Talking About Pleazo Openly and Honestly

We appreciate legitimate and truthful commentary about Pleazo. When you mention us, please spell and capitalize “Pleazo” properly (and not “pleazo” or “Plezo”). 

We encourage you to freely share your Pleazo shop URL.

You can also share your Pleazo experiences, like the awesome sex toy you bought, or how great you think Pleazo is & what we stand for.

Please don’t use the Pleazo Marks in ways that are misleading, defamatory, unlawful, or otherwise objectionable to us. We’d likely have a problem with that and will take action.

3. Pleazo’s logos

Using the official Pleazo logos, such as on promotional products, business cards, or banners, is generally considered to be a commercial use, and can be particularly confusing. We do not permit these uses without our prior approval.

DON’T use the official Pleazo logos on things like merchandise without our prior permission.

4. Names & branding

We also must protect against the occasional unfair and improper uses of our Marks.

Mainly, please don’t use the Pleazo Marks (or confusingly similar marks), in whole or in part, in a way that suggests a relationship with Pleazo that isn’t quite right – for example, that you are employed by, speak on behalf of, or are endorsed by us.

DON’T use the Pleazo Marks or a term confusingly similar to “Pleazo” in the name of your company, organization, domain name, or trademark.

DON’T alter, distort, or modify the Pleazo Marks, including adding other terms to the Pleazo Marks to create new words.

DO feel free to share your Pleazo shop name and URL on your business cards.

DON’T use our official logos on your business cards.

DON’T use our marks as your social media username or profile photo.

DON’T create content that mimics or uses our site’s look-and-feel.

5. Describing your own content & events

If you’re creating content about Pleazo, like books, videos, or podcasts, feel free to refer to the name “Pleazo” to describe how it relates to us. You can use the name “Pleazo” in the title of your content, as long as it isn’t the most prominent part of the name or title. By “most prominent,” we mean things like using “Pleazo” as the first word in the title, or in terms of size, color, or font. 

DO use Pleazo in your title as long as it’s not the most prominent part.

DO use a clear disclaimer that your content or event is about Pleazo, not by Pleazo.

DON’T use the official Pleazo logo without our permission.

DON’T use our name, brand or logo if you are creating an event without our permission.

Last updated on March 24, 2021