Return & Refund Policy

  1. Refund policy
  2. Returns & exchanges
  3. Faulty items and item not as described 
  4. Items that cannot be returned or exchanged 
  5. Conditions of return
  6. Return shipping fees 
  7. Late or missing refunds (if applicable)
  8. Products damaged during shipping (if applicable) 
  9. Missing package shows as “Delivered” 
  10. Late or missing delivery (if applicable) 
  11. EU Directive on Consumer Rights


1. Refund policy

This Return & Refund policy is part of our terms of use. By opening a shop or using, you agree to this return & refund policy and our terms of use.

As Pleazo is a multi vendor online marketplace, shops are required to notify themselves of the consumer laws in their own country & state and follow these rules. Pleazo will not be held responsible for any issues related to shipping, returns, refunds or cancelations. For any questions or concerns about returns & refunds, please contact the shop directly. 

Any shops or users who do not follow the refund, cancellation or return policy can have their account revoked.

If you feel that these rules are not being followed by the shop, please do the following:

  1. Read the shop’s returns & refund policy to see if they are following these rules.
  2. Contact the shop to resolve the problem.
  3. Contact your bank, credit card company or paypal (depending on payment method used) and inform them of the issue and open a case. 
  4. Please contact Pleazo using our contact form to report a shop who is not following their refund, cancellation or return policy or not following the Customer Returns and Refund Laws in their country. Any shop who does not follow these rules, can have their Pleazo shop account revoked.

2. Returns & exchanges

Under the EU consumer laws, shops on Pleazo must agree to and are fully responsible for following the refund policy rules which are also stated in Pleazo’s terms of use. These policies might change without notice. Therefore it is the shop’s responsibility to keep up with these policies in their countries. To find out more about the EU consumer policy on returns, exchanges & guarantees, please visit EU’s Guarantees and Returns.

Under the EU consumer rules, consumers who have bought items within the EU have the right to cancel and return their order within 14 days (with receipt for proof of purchase). The buyer must contact the shop (within 14 days of receiving their items) and tell the shop that they want to cancel their purchase. It is not enough just to send the items back.

The 14 day period starts from the moment a customer receives a product and not from the time of purchase. Within this period, buyers can change their mind and return a product without giving a reason. Shops must clearly inform buyers that they can contact the shop within 14 days to return an item. If this is not clearly stated on the product page, this return period is automatically extended to one year. If a buyer contacts a shop for a refund 14 days after the buyer received their item, unfortunately shops can’t offer a refund or exchange.

The shop must provide the buyer a model withdrawal form which they can use to tell the shop about their decision, but they don’t have to use it. The buyer can inform the shop and send back their item at the same time, for example, by adding a written statement with the items that you are returning by post, by sending an e-mail.

Below are links to a model withdrawal form:

German Withdrawal Form

English Withdrawal Form

French Withdrawal Form

The buyer must send the items back within 14 days of informing the shop. Once a return is requested, the shop has 4 days to respond. If the buyer is shipping an item back for refund or exchange, you should consider using a trackable shipping service or purchasing shipping insurance. Pleazo does not guarantee that shops will receive your returned item without it. Depending on where you live, the time it may take for your exchanged product to reach you, may vary.

Once the buyer’s return is received and inspected, the shop will send them an email to notify that they have received the returned item. The shop will also notify the buyer of the approval or rejection of the refund.

If the refund is approved, then it will be processed by the shop, and a credit will automatically be applied to the credit card or original method of payment. The shop must give the buyer a refund within 14 days of receiving the cancellation request. However, the shop can delay the refund if they haven’t received the goods or evidence that the shop has returned them. The shop may charge you delivery costs if you specifically requested non-standard delivery (such as express delivery).

Once the shop receives the returned item, they have 14 days to refund the buyer. If the shop has not refunded the buyer, please contact the shop again to find out the status. 

Who pays for the return shipping fees depends on the reason for the return. For more info please read “Return shipping fees” below on this page.

(UK): Under the Consumer Rights Act, online shoppers have 14 days to return an unwanted item, but they may find it costs them money to send it back.

Due to the new BREXIT rules, these rules may change in the future. To find out more about UK’s consumer policy on returns, exchanges & guarantees, please visit GOV.UK.

(US): The US does not have federal laws affecting returns & refunds. Also US state laws do not require a returns & refunds policy either but under certain circumstances, shops need to state this policy clearly in their shop on Pleazo. Issuing returns and refunds is at the shop’s discretion and must be stated. To find out more about US’s consumer policy on returns, exchanges & guarantees, please visit Customer Returns and Refund Laws by State.

(Canada): There is no law that states buyers can return an item. Your province or territory may have legislation that gives you the right to return specific products or cancel specific contracts. Contact your provincial or territorial consumer affairs office for more information. Issuing returns and refunds is at the shop’s discretion and must be stated on the product page. To find out more about Canada’s consumer policy on returns, exchanges & guarantees, please visit Canada’s Office Of Consumer Affairs.


3. Faulty items and item not as described

If an item is faulty, unfit for purpose or not as described, the buyer has 30 days (from the date item was purchased) to get a full refund. The shop is responsible for refunding the item cost, original standard shipping cost and the cost of return shipping, even if the shop doesn’t offer returns.

A shop must repair, replace, reduce the price or give a refund if items turn out to be faulty or do not look or work as advertised. If the shop doesn’t reject the items within the first 30 days, and find a fault you’ll need to give the shop a chance to make a repair or replacement. If that’s unsuccessful, you can then ask for a refund. Please note, the buyer might not be entitled to a refund if the problem is minor, such as a scratch.

You can usually only ask for a partial or full refund when it is not possible to repair or replace the goods. The buyer does not have to accept credit notes or vouchers for a faulty good.

4. Items that cannot be returned or exchanged 

The following items can’t be returned or exchanged, unless these items arrive damaged or defective:

  • Buyer knew an item was faulty when they bought it
  • Damaged an item by trying to repair it themselves or getting someone else to do it
  • Perishable goods such as food & flowers
  • Hazardous materials, or flammable liquids or gases
  • Custom or personalized order
  • Gift cards
  • Downloadable software products
  • Due to health protection & hygiene reasons, intimate products (ie. sex toys, underwear, etc) cannot be returned if unsealed (if seller allows for refunds/exchanges).
  • Tickets (for events or workshops)
  • CD, DVD, books, magazines & zines that have been unsealed by the buyer
  • Any item not in its original condition, is damaged or missing parts for reasons not due to shop’s error
  • Sale items (if applicable) Shops must state if only regular priced items may be refunded, 
  • Any item that is returned back to shop more than 14 days after contacting shop for a refund/exchange (in EU only) 


5. Conditions of return

To be eligible for a return, the item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging. If the item is not returned in its original condition, the buyer is responsible for any loss in value. 

Please carefully read the shop’s refund policy on which items can be refunded or exchanged. Shops must clearly advise buyers that they can not return such goods. If the shop does not clearly state this, buyers can return these items. When you sell items that are excluded from the right of withdrawal, you can indicate what kind of goods can not be returned.

Items that are not reusable due to health reasons include: products such as sex toys, lube, oils, cleaners, earrings, underwear, urination devices, menstrual products. If a shop sells such items and would like to decline a return for health or hygiene reasons, the shop must seal these products with protective film or packaging. If the shop seals such an item and a buyer removes the seal after delivery, they will not be able to return that item.


6. Return shipping fees 

Who pays for return shipping, shop or the buyer? It depends on the shop’s location, reason the buyer is returning the item and the shop’s return policy.

If the buyer is sending an item back because it doesn’t match the listing description or it arrived damaged or faulty, the shop is responsible for the cost of standard return shipping, even if the shop doesn’t offer returns. 

If the buyer simply changed their mind or ordered the wrong item, who pays for standard return shipping is determined by the shop’s location & return policy. The buyer usually has to pay postage to return the goods, unless the shop offers free returns which should be stated in the product’s refund policy. However, the shop may charge the buyer delivery costs if the buyer specifically requested non-standard delivery (such as express delivery). 

Some shops may or may not charge the buyer for returning their goods. However, the shop must state this in the product page of the item. If the shop doesn’t state this info in the product page, the shop will have to pay for it. The buyer doesn’t have to pay any other charges that they were not informed of. 

Pleazo strongly recommend using a tracked service for return shipment. Tracking numbers let you know the item is on its way, and will be used as proof in any disputes.


7. Late or missing refunds (if applicable)

If the buyer hasn’t received a refund after 14 days of shop’s approval of the refund, please:  

  1. Check your bank account (or whichever payment method was used) again to see if the refund was made. 
  2. If you’ve done all of this and you still have not received your refund yet, please contact the shop and ask more info about what’s going on with the refund and ask for proof the refund was made.
  3. If a shop does not respect your consumer rights, there may be a solution to get your money back. If you paid for your item using a credit card then you may have rights to claim a refund from your credit card provider. Please contact your card provider to see if this is offered. If you used PayPal and do not receive your goods or services as promised, you can claim by opening a dispute through PayPal. You cannot claim if too much time has passed. However, as there is no legal obligation to return your money, the outcome will be up to your card provider. 

8. Products damaged during shipping (if applicable)

The shop is responsible for any damage to your goods from the time they are dispatched until you receive them. Any damages made during the shipment must be reported and followed up with the shipping courier.

9. Missing package shows as “Delivered”

If your tracking information shows that your package has been delivered, but you can’t find it, please do the following:

  • If you have the tracking number, check with the courier online to see if someone else accepted the delivery (ie. neighbour)
  • Contact the shop to verify the shipping address from your order on Pleazo
  • Look for a notice of attempted delivery in your mailbox or door
  • Look around the delivery location for your package
  • Wait 48 hours – in rare cases packages may say delivered up to 48 hours prior to arrival
  • Contact the shipping company for further details

10. Late or missing delivery (if applicable)

If the buyer has not received their goods within 30 days, or within the agreed time, the shop should inform the buyer to give them an additional, reasonable time limit to deliver. For example, if the shop has informed the buyer that the delivery is delayed by a week because of problems with their suppliers you should consider giving them that extra week. If the shop still doesn’t deliver within the extended deadline then the buyer is entitled to terminate the contract and be reimbursed as soon as possible. However, the buyer doesn’t have to give the shop extra time if they refuse to deliver or when an agreed delivery period is essential, and the buyer has informed the shop of this in advance. 

The buyer can exercise this right at any time from the moment they place the order and up to 14 days after they receive the order (EU only). Just let the shop know in writing. Please note, items can take a bit longer to get delivered if they are stuck in customs. If your shipment is taking longer due to being in customs, please note that the shop has no control over this. If the shop can prove that shipment was sent out within the expected time period but is taking longer to get delivered due to customs, then a negative review should not be given due to this issue. If the items show up after they were cancelled with the shop, the buyer must inform the shop that these cancelled items have arrived. The buyer has a further 14 days from the date they notified the shop of the arrival of the goods in which to return the goods back to the shop. If the buyer cancels their order, they should be able to get a refund from the shop for:

  • the goods that were late arriving
  • full delivery costs, including any extra postage the buyer might have paid for timed or express delivery

If the buyer has waited an unreasonable length of time (more than 30 days since shipped out), have complained to the shop and has cancelled the order, then the buyer must contact the shop to ask them to cover the cost of returning if the goods arrived after being cancelled.

The shop is responsible for the delivery of items. It is the shop’s responsibility to contact the delivery service and prove that the item was delivered. If the shop cannot prove this (after 30 days since the item was purchased), the shop will either have to send the buyer a similar item or give the buyer a full refund. This is why Pleazo strongly advises items get shipped with a tracking number incase of disputes.For further information about the consumer laws in your country, please visit:

11. EU Directive on Consumer Rights

These regulations, which implement the EU Directive on Consumer Rights, apply to all Pleazo sellers based in the EU and buyers based in EU member countries. Note that EU law often allows EU consumers to invoke their consumer law protections even when dealing with businesses based outside of the EU; if you’re based outside the EU and make your listings available to buyers there, you may need to seek legal advice on your obligations. Each EU member state has adopted its own unique national laws incorporating the directive. Failure to comply with these regulations can invalidate a sale and possibly even violate the law.

Buyers residing in countries that are subject to these regulations have the right to return an item within 14 days of receiving the item. Shops affected by the regulations must clearly inform buyers residing in these countries about their right to return an item before the buyer makes a purchase (such as in the listing or the seller’s shop policies). Failure to do so will extend the withdrawal period by an additional year, meaning that buyers will have a period of one year and 14 fourteen days in which to return the item.

This right does not extend to custom-made products and certain perishable goods, unless otherwise specified by the seller. Digital content, including artwork and patterns, may not be eligible for return. Rules governing digital content vary by EU member country.

If a buyer exercises their right to return an item, a seller must reimburse all payments, including the original shipping charges, received from the buyer. If a seller has not received returned goods from a buyer, the seller may withhold such reimbursement provided that reimbursement occurs within 14 days of receipt of the returned goods. The buyer is responsible for paying return shipping costs unless the seller has agreed to bear those costs. If a seller has not agreed to bear return costs and the item cannot, due to its nature, be returned by post, an estimate of the return costs should be included in the information provided to the buyer relating to cancellation and return.

Disclaimer: This help article contains legal information and not legal advice. If you are uncertain which laws apply to you or you have other legal questions or concerns, please consult an attorney. The reader assumes all responsibility for any and all use of this information. This page may be updated periodically.

Last updated on March 24, 2021