Enamel Pin Lollipop

Sold by: Make Heads Turn

A sweet sensation melting in your mouth, or is it something more? Created in collaboration with a kinky Paris-based illustrator Eric Landowski this pin breaks the borders between the innocent and twisted.

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When we were young, boys would love to doodle their manhoods on notebooks, the backs of library books or desk tops. Our lollipop has become the evolved doodle, a discrete symbol of youthfulness and fun. As we surpass a certain age, fun slowly dissolves out of life, we trade our jumpers for suits, and jeans for pencil skirts, we pull back our hair instead of a messy bun and start off our days at 8 with meetings over coffee. This little pin brings back the simplicity and fun of being young and carefree. Why so serious? Wear it freely on your denim jacket, your barista apron or even your blazer at the office and enjoy the day with a kinky little friend! 

  • COMPOSITION: Brass and Colorful Enamel

  • SIZE: H: 3 cm, W: 1.5 cm

  • BACKING: Butterfly Clutch
  • PACKAGING: A custom design card, perfect for gifting

Shipping Countries: United States (US), Canada, United Kingdom (UK), Italy, Estonia, Austria, Ireland, Lithuania, Finland, Greece, Sweden, Belgium, Cyprus, Malta, Romania, France, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Hungary, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Spain, Poland, Croatia, Denmark, Portugal, Latvia, Switzerland, Turkey, Norway

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Dimensions 9.5 × 1 × 15.5 cm


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