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Pleazo is the First sex positive online marketplace for independent sellers.

Pleazo is a queer, female run, sex positive Online Marketplace for independent sellers of unique, handcrafted adult toys and accessories to enhance your sexual experience and wellness. We care about gender diversity, equality, sex and body positivity, the orgasm gap, empowerment and thrive to provide products and services made for any gender, body and sexuality.

In an era with strict censorship on our bodies and sexuality, we think it’s about time for a place like Pleazo. A place where you can be YOU.

Our platform features a wide range of products from sex toys, BDSM & fetish-wear, clothing, erotic art, books & magazines as well as merchandise, homeware and much more! The variety of these products are uploaded and sold directly from the creator and/or distributor, through their own personalised shop, which sets us apart and turns Pleazo into more than just a regular sex shop.

For queers and gender diverse people, navigating the world of sex toys can be frustrating and, at times, problematic. The vast majority of products on the market are overwhelmingly heteronormative and targeted towards cisgender people.

As women and AFAB individuals at large are claiming back their sexualities, sex toys made to pleasure all gender identities is finally a thing, and we support it. Both for buyers and sellers we thrive to create a have-it-all site to make your sexual browsing satisfying from the beginning to the end. Therefore our goal is to create a unique space for buyers to quickly source out the best handmade products on the market, while also providing a platform for designers and entrepreneurs in our community to successfully reach the right audience for their products.

While providing safe, organic and vegan options directly from our creatives, we also work as a start-up for sustainability. For this reason we encourage all sellers to carefully consider their choice of package material and shipping. We further encourage our buyers to allow us to extract their geographic location when entering the site, in order to first present the buyer with locally produced products. This feature gives sellers the opportunity to offer their customers a pick up location if located near by you or a shipping method with less impact on our environment.

Before finalising your purchase, you have the chance to connect directly with the producers in case of any questions you might have. We hope this will make your Pleazo experience a little more personal.

Pleazo is a community based platform based in Berlin, Germany (targeting independent sellers in the EU (UK, US & Canada coming soon!). The faces and personalities behind Pleazo is Artist and Sexual Counselor Camilla Storgaard and the Online Marketing and SEO wizard Mary V. Pleazo is a self funded project without any investors. We aim to keep it real, serve the community, boost income in the queer scene, spread sex positivity, all while enhancing sexual pleasure.

We are happy to have you on our site!

Love and good vibrations,

Team Pleazo

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