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Laura Ioana V

Based in Copenhagen, Laura Ioana V has a wide interest in anything artistic from design to photography to her most recent venture, ceramics. Her ceramics explore various themes, but mostly express them in a sculptural manner, mixing functionality with sculptural features. View more from Laura Ioana V.

Naturally Naughty

Based in Berlin, DE, Naturally Naughty’s products are suitable for everyone. They stand for an open, colourful, tolerant society and positive cooperation. These values ​​accompany them every day and align their actions accordingly! View more from Naturally Naughty.

The Hook Boss

Based in Rome, Giulia does crochet appliqué on different textiles and homeware, resembling nipples. Her creations stands out as an act of rebellion against the censorship of female nipples. View more from The Hook Boss.

Her-O Aesthetics of Sensuality

Her-O is more than just an object or a sex toy. This ceramic phallus combines both masculine energy and feminine tenderness. A sexual object serving you with a sensual aesthetic to transform your view on sexuality, handmade in Slovenia.